Stolen Joy

You know how you can always tell you are on track with God? Satan comes at you from all directions. He has been attacking me and mine viciously. I am glad that I am mature enough in my relationship with my Father God to recognize it, but that doesn’t make it easier. He knows my weaknesses, but evidently he hasn’t learned where I get my strength! I have made some big life changing decisions over the past few months. I prayed over them and truly felt I was doing the right thing. You know, sometimes when things fall so perfectly in line, you can see God’s hand directing it. Now, Satan is trying to steal my joy and excitement and replace them with self-doubt and fear. I am determined to pray my way through it. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that when I am being obedient to God He can pave the way for His will to be done. It isn’t about me- I’m just a vessel. It’s about my willingness to trust that He will equip me for whatever His plan may be.


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