Called to Write

I know I talked about it a little bit in my bio, but I wanted to share with you why I decided to write a novel. It wasn’t a conscious decision. One day about twelve years ago, I was out mowing the yard. At that time, I had two small boys, so time to myself was scarce. I was riding on the mower enjoying the sunshine and talking to God. I guess it was praying, but not in the traditional sense. It was more of a conversation. It wasn’t audible. I know some people believe that God doesn’t speak audibly to people, but I believe God can do whatever He wants to. But in my heart, I felt him say “I want you to write a book.” It was as clear to me as if He had whispered in my ear. I love to journal, but I’ve never even written a short story. He might as well have called me to go to the moon. I can remember thinking I must have misunderstood, but the call was so clear. I continued to question if I was really understanding Him. He continually reassured me. Suddenly, strange things started happening. I began seeing potential stories all around me. I’d be at the park and  think, “What if we climbed on the fort and found a body?” or I’d ask my husband, “If I went out for a walk and didn’t come home, how long would it take for you to notice I was gone? An hour- two hours? What would you do first? Would you ask people that lived down the road or call 911?” These are not normal thoughts and conversations. My brain was constantly bombarded with them. I kept waiting for the Lord to tell me it was time to write, but He never did. I was constantly doubting the calling, plus I knew I had no experience or knowledge as a writer. I was embarrassed to tell anyone because I felt like they would think I was crazy. For years, I kept it to myself for the most part, and I only shared it with a few people that were really close to me. (continued tomorrow)


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