Attitude of Gratitude

Yesterday I went to a big superstore to buy groceries. After about an hour of shopping, I unloaded my basket at the checkout. Then because they were short-handed, I sacked my own stuff. I took it out to the car, unloaded it into the car then came home and brought it all in the house. I started putting everything away and was feeling tired and a little agitated that no one was there to help me. As I was stacking things in an already full pantry, it hit me how blessed I am.

How many people wish they had $200 to spend on groceries? Or the physical ability to walk around a store for an hour shopping? When I was growing up, I had an old pastor who could make one of those statements that stepped on your toes and he would look at the congregation and say, “Amen or Oh me?” This was definitely an OH ME moment! God has blessed me with the money to buy groceries, a car to load them into and a nice pantry to store them in. And the only thing on my mind is how tired I am?

I felt like an ungrateful little brat- whining because I was tired of putting up all those groceries. I stopped right there and said a prayer of thanksgiving out loud. That started me thinking about how often I get caught up in what I think are the little inconveniences of life and miss the bigger picture of the blessings. It all comes down to attitude. I can choose to be grateful and see the blessings, or I can choose to focus on the negative things. I can name twenty goods things in my life, but for some reason I’ll let the one bad thing dominate my thoughts. Half the time the bad I’m focused on is the thing that could happen, and not what actually has happened.

When I make the decision to be thankful for things in my life, it’s amazing how it snowballs. My whole outlook changes- I find my joy! Compared to most people I don’t have anything to complain about. I read once that if everyone threw all their problems into a pile once we saw what everyone else was dealing with, we’d grab back our own back. I think that is very true. So today, make a conscience decision to be grateful and be happy. Take time to thank God for all the good and wonderful things in your life!


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